Preventing 99.8% of Waste from Going to Landfill, Belo Horizonte is South America’s Highest Performing Zero Waste Site

Achieving the highest zero waste score of all South American locations

Showing their commitment to making our planet more productive, the 136 employees at White Martins’ Belo Horizonte facility in Brazil have achieved the highest zero waste score of all South American locations in 2013—preventing 99.8% of waste from going to landfill.

One of White Martins’ older facilities, Belo Horizonte began operations in 1964. The Belo Horizonte facility’s relationship with the Recyclable Waste Collectors Association in Brazil significantly contributed to the site’s impressive performance. Working with the association, the Belo Horizonte facility was able to reduce the amount of recyclable waste sent to landfill to 420 kilos a month, from 1,200, and cut waste bin rent and transportation costs by 50%. Importantly, the relationship is also helping waste collectors improve their living conditions, doubling their average income. “Waste collectors” are people who make a living by trawling in landfills to find waste items that can be sold for recycling. “This result confirms our team’s commitment to sustainability and makes us proud to have actively participated in meeting the company’s global goals in the program,” says Belo Horizonte Gases Operation Manager, Rodrigo Burlamaque.